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I spend my time thinking about the beauty in the abstract of life. Whether ups or downs every part of life is beautiful. I've been lucky to have lived long enough to know I still don't know everything and I'm still having to relearn and find out that what I thought I knew is wrong. It's a blast.

FAMILY: I have a wife of almost 18 years and three beautiful kids. We live in the great state of Texas and love being together. We are true homebodies. 


ART: My real passion is music. I absolutely love producing and writing music. And helping others do the same. I have a non-profit focused on providing music therapy and songwriting lessons to those in my community. My focus is to use music to reach someone's heart to bring joy, healing, and hope. 


WORK: I have worked as a pastor for music and production for churches since 2005. I helped start a church in the Pacific Northwest right after getting married and served as the music and production pastor along with the communications director. In 2011 I moved to Houston and started working as the Worship Pastor for Houston Northwest Church. I helped to develop their communications department as well as overseeing the music and production throughout the campus and Sunday morning services. 


SCHOOL: I studied Audio Engineering at Media Tech Institute in Houston from 2003-2004. After graduating, I became a first year audio engineer at Sunrise Sound Studios. I also studied at Lonestar College from 2012-2013 to receive my Associates degree in Arts to then later graduate from Liberty University in 2017 from an online plan with a degree in Ministry. 

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